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the Holy Spirit Adventures of Edward Peter Mahoney

The collection of stories within these pages is a memoir of my awesome encounters with the Holy Spirit, mainly over the last twenty years of my spiritual journey beginning in 1999. 

    In these instances, it's a soft and gentle whisper asking you to be his hands and feet to help someone in need. He never coerces because He gave us free will to follow or obey His commands. Missing an opportunity to serve, many dismiss His "still, small voice" as  being generated from their own thoughts. 

     I'm supposed to do what? What will that person say if I do that! What if someone I know sees me? 

     But one day I decided I would be obedient and do what the Inner Voice was asking me of me. Besides, I knew its was the right thing to do---so it had to be from God!

Ed Mahoney and Ralf Walters have combined to create an amazing compilation of life’s events in the light of Holy Spirit “NUDGES”. Tales From The Bright Side is truly inspirational! Amazing accounts of simple, loving acts, when done in obedience, altering lives so significantly. This is a must read for anyone wondering what “love thy neighbor” looks like in our busy, hectic, world. I feel convicted to listen harder for that “still small voice” after reading each “tale”. So timely – well done!!

--E. W.ohlwender

I am blessed to call Ed Mahoney a close friend of 25 years. This wonderful book describing Ed's spiritual journey through a series of heartwarming personal stories is testament to his being a vehicle for God's good work. His enthusiasm and unabashed kindness is truly contagious.

—Robert Matson

I enjoyed reading "Tales from the Bright Side." Mahoney and Walters took me on a personal journey showing what faith looks like lived out. Ed Mahoney's personal stories were engaging, he made me feel as though I was with him entering into an adventure of being loved by God and then loving others. This book encouraged me to embrace the adventure of knowing Jesus and being led by His Spirit. A thought came to my mind after reading, if I'm bored with my faith then I'm not listening to God and following through with simple obedience. Join the adventure...

—Stacey Grandstaff

I received this book as a Christmas present - have already shared w/ friends - then got the "NUDGE" to purchase 10 copies to hand out and spread the work of the "Holy Spirit". Thanks Ed Mahoney for your wonderful presentation of how God works in your/our daily lives when we open our hearts!
It would be interesting to hear via Podcasts the many stories of how others have experienced the Holy Spirit's "NUDGE" by their acts or those of others that affected their lives.

—Pst. S

I am fortunate to be able to call Ed Mahoney a dear friend of many years. This book is the real deal and presents a wonderful compilation of short inspirational true stories that have occurred in the Author's life. Each story clearly displays the Author's spiritual journey as he positively impacts everyday folks while he works humbly in the light of God. A comforting and inspirational book so important and necessary in these difficult times.


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